📣 Glimmer Globe Theatre Announces Musical Auditions for “A Year With Frog and Toad”! 📣

MUSICAL AUDITIONS: “A Year With Frog and Toad”

Glimmer Globe Theatre is jumping with joy to announce open auditions for our first ever musical, the Tony-nominated “A Year with Frog and Toad”! This fantastically fun musical romp is based on the beloved children’s books by Arnold Lobel, featuring the earnest and loyal Frog, stubborn but lovable Toad, and an ensemble cast of three talented actors, each of whom will be playing at least 5 different forest creatures. All actors will be PAID a stipend from $600-$1000 Depending on the size of the role!

Following a year in the life of a group of animal friends and their adventures between periods of hibernation, this vibrant, funny, and moving show is exuberant fun for audiences of all ages. With vaudevillian energy, an infectious score, and heaps of heart, “Frog and Toad” broke new ground as the first “Family” show to have a run on Broadway, with its inaugural production garnering three Tony nominations, including Best New Musical, Best Book of a Musical, and Best Original Score.

The production will be directed by Michael Tamburrino, with music direction by Tim Iversen. The performances will all be matinees, and will take place in our lakeside Lucy B. Hamiliton Amphitheatre on Saturdays and Sundays from September 9-24.

Audition signups, full details, and sides for the audition can be found at fenimoreart.org/auditions.


Audition Details:

Please prepare one of the available solo songs for your audition. YouTube links and timestamps for the pertinent sections of audition songs are included below. Auditions will begin at 3PM on May 21st, and we’ll begin by working through music with everyone. We’ll then move on to hearing everyone sing solo, followed by some duets, and possibly scene work with sides provided on site. You’ll find some other songs Duets/Trios you can familiarize yourself with below.  In addition to your prepared piece, having a familiarity with several other songs is recommended! Please sign up to reserve your spot here. Auditioning actors will be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. You can send any questions or requests to auditions@fenimoreart.org.


Signup Link:  SIGN UP HERE!


Available Roles:

Frog (Barri-Tenor): Loyal and joyful. A levelheaded personality and a caring friend. Has an eye for adventure, and is the straight man of the duo. Male-identifying, any ethnicity. (Age +20)

Toad (Bari-Tenor): A constant worrywart, stubborn, but absolutely lovable. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Determined, and not always patient. Can be shy and withdrawn, but always a good friend. Male-identifying, any ethnicity. (Age +20)

Chorus A (Tenor): Snail/Lizard track. Plays multiple roles ranging from the nerdy and determined Snail, to the cool-as-ice Lizard. Roles include: Snail, Lizard, Father Frog, Male Bird, and Mole. Male-identifying, any ethnicity. (Age +16)

Chorus B (Alto/Soprano): Young Toad/Mouse track. Plays multiple roles ranging from the youthful innocence of Young Toad, to the boundless frenetic energy of a Squirrel. Roles include: Young Toad, Mouse, Squirrel, Lady Bird 1, and Mole. Female-identifying, any ethnicity. (Age +16)

Chorus C (Alto/Soprano): Mother Frog/Turtle track. Plays multiple roles ranging from the caring and emotional Mother Frog, to the abrasive Turtle. Roles include: Mother Frog, Turtle, Squirrel, Lady Bird 2, and Mole. Female-identifying, any ethnicity. (Age +16)


Audition Song Links:


Frog — Lead Solo (Bari-Tenor)
“Alone” (0:11-1:06) See on YouTube

Toad — Lead Solo (Bari-Tenor)
“Toad to the Rescue” (0:27-1:16) See on YouTube

Snail — Chorus Solo (Tenor)
“The Letter #1” (0:26-1:00) See on YouTube

Bird — Chorus Solo (Alto/Soprano)
“Opening” (0:57-1:43) See on YouTube


Frog/Toad — (Duet, Bari-Tenor)
“Spring” (2:13-End) See on YouTube

Frog/Toad — (Duet, Bari-Tenor)
“He’ll Never Know” (2:13-3:09) See on YouTube

Turtle/Bird — (Duet, Alto/Soprano)
“Get a Load of Toad” (1:11-2:10) See on YouTube

Birds Trio — (Trio Tenor/Alto/Soprano)
“The Kite” (0:38-1:08) See on YouTube

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