📣 Glimmer Globe Theatre Announces Auditions for “Twelfth Night”! 📣

AUDITIONS: “Twelfth Night”

Glimmer Globe Theatre is thrilled to announce auditions for our summer mainstage production: Shakespeare’s hilarious and profound comedic masterpiece, Twelfth Night, running July 17 – August 15. This is a PAID opportunity, with 14 roles available at the outset, each with a stipend between $350-600 depending on the size of the role. In person auditions will be held Thurs./Fri. March 14-15, while video submissions will be open though March 15.

Merriment, madness, and the music of love abound in Twelfth Night, one of Shakespeare’s funniest and most poignant comedies. Orsino, the lovesick Duke of Illyria, pines for the hand of the Countess Olivia, who has shut herself away for seven years of ritual mourning for her late brother. As she swears off even the slightest romantic advances, and as her pompous steward Malvolio also begins to secretly desire her, all hope seems to be lost… That is, until Viola, a survivor of a recent shipwreck swims ashore, disguises herself as a man, and gets a job delivering Orsino’s love letters to Olivia. The only problem? Olivia swiftly falls in love with Viola instead.

This production will be directed by Michael Tamburrino, and primarily be performed in Fenimore’s gorgeous lakeside Lucy B. Hamilton amphitheater. To apply for stage management position, please send a resume and statement of interest to m.myers@fenimoreart.org.


Audition Details:

Auditionees may choose to read for any role they like, regardless of gender expression or age, and are encouraged to prepare a monologue/soliloquy from Twelfth Night or choose one from the sides available below! Roles may not be cast in accordance with a character’s traditional gender. Sides are available below, and all will be available at the audition. To attend auditions in person, please reserve an available slot of your choosing on the Google spreadsheet below. To submit a virtual audition, please fill out the Google Form and submit a video of you performing an extract of your choosing from the play. We may then be in touch to schedule a follow up Zoom callback. Please direct any inquiries and questions to auditions@fenimoreart.org.


Sign-up here for an in-person Audition

Submit a Virtual Audition here

Sides – Click to download


Available Roles:

Viola — Traditionally Fem. identifying (approx. age 16-35): Survivor of a shipwreck, disguised as Cesario. Lead.

Orsino — Traditionally Masc. identifying (approx. age 30-55): The Lovesick Duke of Illyria. Lead.

Olivia — Traditionally Fem. identifying (approx. age 30-55): The Grieving Countess of Illyria. Lead.

Malvolio — Traditionally Masc. identifying (approx. age 35+): Olivia’s pompous steward. Hates fun. Lead.

Sir Toby Belch — Traditionally Masc. identifying (approx. age 40+): Olivia’s uncle; a notorious drunkard and party animal. Lead.

Sebastian — Traditionally Masc. identifying (approx. age 16-35): Viola’s identical twin, thought to be dead. Supporting.

Feste — Fem./Masc./Nonbinary identifying (Approx age 25+): Olivia’s quick-witted “Fool” at court. Must be able to play an instrument. Supporting.

Sir Andrew Aguecheek — Traditionally Masc. identifying (approx. age 30+): A dim, foppish, aristocrat who doesn’t really know what he’s doing here. Supporting.

Maria — Traditionally Fem. identifying (approx. age 30+): Olivia’s Gentlewoman in waiting. Fond of gossip and making trouble. Supporting.

Antonio — Traditionally Masc. identifying (approx. age 20-40): Loyal and affectionate friend to Sebastian. Supporting.

Fabian — Fem./Masc./Nonbinary identifying  (approx. age 20+): Servant to Olivia’s household. Ensemble.

Valentine — Fem./Masc./Nonbinary identifying  (approx. age 20+): Servant to Duke Orsino. Ensemble.

Curio — Fem./Masc./Nonbinary identifying  (approx. age 20+): Servant to Duke Orsino. Ensemble.

Sea Captain/Priest — Fem./Masc./Nonbinary identifying  (approx. age 20+): Fellow Shipwreck Survivor. Later a Clergyman. Ensemble.


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