2022 NEXT! Staged Reading Series: Cards and Spinners

Streaming Sunday, March 6 @3PM on our Glimmer Globe Theatre Facebook

  • Cards and Spinners
  • by Dan Smirlock
    • Casting:
      • Female-Identifying Roles — 2
      • Male-Identifying Roles — 2
    • Synopsis:
      • “June 2019: Two middle-aged married couples, good friends who haven’t seen each other for a while, get together for drinks, dinner, and catching up in the suburban home of one of them.  The evening begins as a pre-prandial session of one-liners and funny stories. By the time dinner is ready, though, annoyances are voiced, grievances are aired, and frustrations are vented. February 2020: The couples, their nerves frayed by kids and work, again get together for drinks. laughs, and drama. Eleven months later, it is Inauguration Day 2021, and the characters—each couple now in their own home—are already in a celebratory mood, despite the pandemic, when an unexpected piece of (arguably) good news arrives.  Finally, in May, 2022, with the pandemic receding, they get together in person again.”

The NEXT! play-reading series continues its mission to celebrate and inspire Central New York playwrights, as well as to introduce their work to a larger audience. Giving playwrights the ability to collaborate with local directors and performers, this series also welcomes the valuable feedback from the public which is critical to the development of any new work. Three plays  are selected each year on the basis of their literary and artistic merit, and are presented free to the public.

Sunday, March 6, 2022
3:00 pm — 5:00 pm (2h)

Watch here!

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