“Visualizing Time:” LIVE ZOOM LECTURE with photographer Stephen Wilkes

Join us for a Live Zoom lecture with renowned photographer Stephen Wilkes.

“Visualizing Time” is a lecture that delves into the unique and captivating work of renowned photographer & artist Stephen Wilkes. Through a stunning collection of work, Wilkes will share his personal journey as a photographer and artist, the evolution of his style, techniques & philosophy.

Wilkes has a passion for depicting time in all its forms. From photographing the abandoned ruins of Ellis Island, to documenting climate change to endangered species, this fascination with time has become the singular thread that connects all his work. Wilkes will take the audience on a visual journey beginning with his earliest works & his evolution into documentary, fine art, culminating in his epic Day to Night series where he captures iconic locations from a single point of view over the course of 24-36 hours. He then selects the best moments of the day and night, and using time as his guide, these moments are then seamlessly blended into a single photograph, visualizing our conscious journey with time.

Throughout the lecture, Wilkes shares his personal insight and experiences of his 5-decade career in photography, offering a unique perspective on the art of visual storytelling. Through his work, he inspires and challenges the audience to see the world around them in new and profound ways, and to appreciate the beauty and complexity of time itself.

This live Zoom lecture is in conjunction with Fenimore Art Museum’s special exhibit, Day to Night, on view May 20 – Sept. 10. Day to Night, photographer Stephen Wilkes’ most defining project, began in 2009. Working from a fixed camera angle, Wilkes captures the fleeting moments of humanity and light as time passes. After 24 hours of photographing and over 1500 images taken, he selects the best moments of the day and night. Using time as a guide, all of these moments are seamlessly blended into a single photograph in post-production, visualizing places that are part of our collective memory. For this project, Wilkes and his team have traveled to some of the world’s most well-known locations, including the Grand Canyon, Paris, Venice and several celebrated places in New York City, such as the Flatiron Building and Coney Island. In each image, the landscape is beautifully captured with vibrant color and incredible detail.

For more than two decades, Stephen Wilkes (b. 1957) has been widely recognized for his fine art and commercial photography. His photographs have appeared in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Time, among many others. Day to Night has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning as well as dozens of other prominent media outlets.

This live Zoom lecture is online only. Fenimore Art Museum offers this program for free with a suggested donation of $20. Your donations allow for us to continue to offer such programming to the public and we thank you for your support. Please register here.

Thursday, August 17, 2023
7:00 pm — 8:00 pm (1h)

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