New Textiles: The 12th Contemporary Iroquois Art Biennial

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New Textiles: The 12th Contemporary Iroquois Art Biennial

September 24 – December 31, 2021

New Textiles: The 12th Contemporary Iroquois Art Biennial celebrates the work of contemporary Haudenosaunee artists.  The exhibition focuses on three artists: Faye Lone, Carla Hemlock, and Marie Watt. Their work carries on a textile tradition that began over 400 years ago.

“Blankets with the frayed ribbon contain a story of use and memory —these are precious,” said guest curator, G. Peter Jemison. “But what these three women are creating is art using textiles inspired by historical events and contemporary realities, sometimes tragic and horrible. At other times their work speaks to a unique aesthetic born of heritage and life experiences.”

Faye Lone, a member of the Tonawanda Seneca Nation, has been producing pieces that resemble bed quilts, but instead they are comments on stories or actions such as those of the Native American “water protectors.”

Carla Hemlock’s work is rooted in her Mohawk heritage with images of corn, bean vines, and the turtle—a clan and also a symbol for Mother Earth. In her art, she confronts the realities of systemic racism, extermination policies, and unheard screams. Carla finds dignity and love in her way of life, which are both essential to the human spirit.

Marie Watt, a member of the Seneca Nation of Indians, has been interested in the memories that certain blankets evoke in the minds of those who own them. She is a believer in the power of salvage and preserves the memories contained in used textiles. Marie also enjoys working with communities to create new textiles.

“I have been astonished by the work of these three women for some time,” Jemison added. “They have been selected for this year’s exhibition because of their brilliance as artists.”

Free admission for ages 19 and under extended through December 31, 2021!


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