📣 Announcing Auditions for our 2024 NEXT! Staged Readings 📣

Glimmer Globe Theatre is thrilled to host open auditions for three exciting new plays as part of our 2024 NEXT! Readings of New Works by Regional Playwrights. This year we’ll be featuring:


Sun. March 10, 2PM:
The Wind Farmer
by Dan O’Neil


Sun. March 24, 2PM
Jordan & Daisy ( + Tom + Nick)
by Johanna Beale Keller


Sun. April 7, 2PM:
Fall Forever
by Eva Schegulla


Glimmer Globe Theatre is seeking a diverse and inclusive cast for this year’s plays and encourages all to audition regardless of performance experience! Each play will rehearse on 3-5 evenings with no memorization required. Details about each play and characters can be found below, followed by audition sides. A reader will be present at each audition to stand in for the other role(s) in each audition side.


Auditions slots are available in-person at Fenimore Art Museum on Wed. Feb. 28 (5:30-8PM), and you can sign up at the link below. Those who cannot be there in person can submit a video. Please reach out to auditions@fenimoreart.org to make virtual audition arrangements.




More information about each play can be found below:


  • Sun. March 10, 2PM:
    • The Wind Farmer
    • by Dan O’Neil
    • Directed by Gary Koutnik
      • A field specialist arrives at the windiest place on Earth to procure a signature on a lease agreement that will allow his company to erect wind turbines on a falling-down farm. The inhabitants, an old man and his daughter, have distinctly opposing plans. As the night grows later and later, the issue of wind energy as an alternative energy source falls secondary to larger issues about the durability of such values of holding on to property, family and history in a mercilessly pragmatic world.
    • Available roles:
      • LEO, bright eyes focused on the future, gray suit, male, 30.
      • RAMONA, sun-bleached from a lifetime outdoors, female, 24.
      • PALMER, a farmer, often in bare feet, male, 50’s.
    • Sides/Script:


  • Sun. March 24, 2PM:
    • Jordan & Daisy ( + Tom + Nick)
    • by Johanna Beale Keller
    • Directed by Lissa Sidoli
      • What if Nick Carraway, the narrator of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (soon celebrating the centennial of its 1925 publication), didn’t know or didn’t reveal the whole story? In this play, the celebrity golfer Jordan and the rich and beautiful Daisy have a secret. And the only way to keep Daisy’s wandering but possessive husband Tom from figuring it out is to inflame his jealousy of the mysterious con-man Gatsby. Here, in a new play that weaves in and out of the novel, is another entirely possible tale of what was really happening, and what had to remain hidden in the glittering, decadent high society of the Roaring ‘20s.
    • Available roles:
      • DAISY BUCHANAN, 29, impulsive, affectionate, unhappy, and bored.
      • TOM BUCHANAN, 30, Daisy’s husband, wealthy, athletic, supercilious, racist [also the offstage gruff voice of WORKMAN].
      • JORDAN BAKER, 27, Daisy’s friend, celebrity golfer, pragmatic, deeply in love.
      • NICK CARRAWAY, 30, Daisy’s cousin, Tom’s college friend, open-minded, naive.
    • Sides:


  • Sun. April 7, 2PM:
    • Fall Forever
    • by Eva Schegulla
    • directed by Mary Davis Fralick
      • As Leah grieves her sister Lily’s death, she discovers the fractures in her own marriage. As Alan grieves his wife’s death, he paints the same picture over and over again, depicting their final perfect autumn afternoon together. Alan’s art dealer brings in a psychic, hoping that will help Alan heal and get unstuck before he loses his career. An old flame from Leah’s past resurfaces, sketches showing Lily’s unique talent emerge, and Alan reveals how Lily provided inspiration for some of his best-known work. Lily’s spirit still pervades the house and garden she loved as her loved ones prepare to honor her on the Summer Solstice, her favorite holiday. A drama about grief, art, loss, secrets, and love.
    • Available roles:
      • Leah Cosgrove: 40s. She’s a librarian who loves books and knitting, very organized, tends to wear neutral colors and practical clothes.
      • Lorenzo Rossi: 40+. Alan’s gallery owner. Very good at his job. Has handled Alan’s work since Alan started professionally.
      • Darrin Cosgrove: 40+. Sick and tired of everyone’s grief, especially Alan’s.
      • Alan Keller: 40s. Well-known painter. Devastated by his wife’s death, he paints the same image of her dancing in the leaves over and over again, trying to capture that perfect moment the afternoon before she died.
      • Lily Keller: 30-40. Alan’s deceased wife. Loved plants, dancing, sketching, children, and laughter. Loved bright colors.
      • Selena: 30+. Professional psychic.
      • Basil: 40s. British. Leah’s first love when she studied in London, he’s now running the family estate in Cornwall.
    • Sides:
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