Creation and Confederation: The Living History of the Iroquois


  • A history of Rotinonhsión:ni literary tradition
  • Discusses the works of Joseph Brant, Major John Norton, David Cusick, and more

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In addition to the wampum belts that form our archives, the People of the Longhouse have also recorded our history and culture in written documents. This Rotinonhsión:ni literary tradition reached its zenith in the 19th century, with the works of men like Joseph Brant, Major John Norton, David Cusick, J. N. B. Hewitt, Seth Newhouse, and John Arthur Gibson, to name just a few. They have preserved for us not only our creation story and epic of confederation, but the story of our own evolution. Written and illustrated by Darren Bonaparte (Mohawk) with additional illustrations by Dave Fadden, Thomas Deer, Natasha Smoke- Santiago, and Curtis Mitchell, Jr.

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