Drawn Home: Fritz Vogt’s Rural America


  • Fritz Vogt captured structures with a great deal of architectural variety
  • This catalog highlights rural communities in New York

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“The decade of the 1890s reflected an apogee of daily life in central New York. Over one hundred years of peaceful growth had produced a settled landscape with an infrastructure of cities, towns, villages and farms that included numerous and substantial structures with a great deal of architectural variety. The region was tied together in various transportation routes, particularly railroads that fully served all areas of the state. Farms were productive, small and large industries flourished, tourism was expanding in spas such as Sharon Springs and Saratoga Springs, for wilderness areas such as the Adirondacks and in summer homes along the shores of the area’s many lakes. In agricultural analyses, New York State was still in the top five producers for many products. This is the successful, well-organized world that Fritz Vogt captured in his drawings.”

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