Friends Fight Fear


  • The Red Fred Project book series
  • Tells the tale of Maggie who lives in a museum


Co-written by Dallas Graham and Emma Becker, this book is part of the The Red Fred Project was created by Graham, who works with children with critical illnesses, to co-create and publish their own original stories. This particular book is by author Emma Becker who was diagnosed in October of 2013 with Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia. Proceeds from Red Fred books go to the child to help pay their medical expenses.

In Friends Fight Fear, Maggie is part adventurer, part scaredy-cat. She lives an interesting life in a museum. Something “dredful” also lurks inside the museum and it will take all of Maggie’s courage, plus the courage of her friends, to get rid of the “dred” that’s within.

We are currently the only museum in the United States to carry a Red Fred book. Help us help Emma and get this great book for a great cause!