Heritage Magazine Vol. 13, Nos. 3-4


  • Collector’s Edition
  • Tying together the Fenimore Art Museum’s three major collections with one subject: the horse
  • 62 Pages


Collector’s Edition

The Magazine of the New York State Historical Association

Tying together The Fenimore Art Museum’s three major collections, Native American Art, American Folk Art, and American Fine Art, with one subject: the horse, this magazine celebrates the summer 1997 exhibition “Majesty and Spirit, 300 Years of the Horse in American Art.” This special double issue documented the exhibition and discussed complex issues around the creation of the art featured.


  • The Beauty and Magic of the Horse by Aldona Jonaitis
  • Horse and Rider: A Short Pre-history by David W. Anthony
  • The Horse in Blackfoot Indian Culture by John C. Ewers
  • Equestrian Portraits: Symbols of Power and Beauty by Gilbert T. Vincent
  • Mistatim: The Horse of My Memory by Gerald McMaster
  • The Sport of Kings: Horse Racing in America by Margaret E. Marconi

62 pages.

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