Thomas Cole and the Garden of Eden Exhibition Catalog


  • Fenimore Art Museum Catalog
  • 44 pages, softcover, full-color images
  • Summer 2018 Exhibition


Thomas Cole and the Garden of Eden:

“The Wilderness is yet a fitting place to speak of God”

Carol Troyen

‘Thomas Cole’s exhibition of his The Garden of Eden and Expulsion from the Garden of Eden in 1828 at the recently founded National Academy of Design should have been an unalloyed triumph. They were the largest and most theatrical works the 27-year-old had shown to date. They were, furthermore, a daring and, for American audiences, excitingly new kind of picture. Cole asserted that his endeavor was “a higher style of landscapre than I hitherto have tried,” one that played host to a momentous religious or historical subject, and that used carefully detail by often invented scenery to relay the message of the story.’


44 pages, softcover, full-color images.

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