Trial In Cooperstown by Tom Morgan


“Mr. Morgan, you tell me you’re a writer. Let them know what you witnessed here this week. Let the people know what you witnessed here.” 

With these words, Ray Kelly, the attorney who defended, dispatched me from the courtroom at the end of the trial. Outside I paused and took in the lights of the building. “Let the people know what you witnessed.”

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Tom Morgan spent years researching trial transcripts and other pertinent records to create a gripping work of Narrative Non-Fiction that encompasses his own impressions of the trial he was witnessing, a description of the personalities and architecture of Cooperstown, and his conversations with those directly and indirectly involved with the trial.  Read reviews >

Copyright 2021 by Tom Morgan

First Edition

ISBN: 978-1-7923-6460-0


391 Pages

Cover Photo by Joshua Ives


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