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Former New York State Senator Jim Seward, who spent 34 years representing the 50th district had this to say as an advocate for our legal system…

The jury trial is the very foundation of our nation’s justice system, but few of us ever get the opportunity to actually witness such a trial in person.  Tom Morgan’s book, “A Trial in Cooperstown,” is a fascinating and insightful account of such a trial from beginning to end. Through his unique and appealing writing style, Tom Morgan makes the reader feel like they are sitting in the courtroom themselves.  He captures and describes every detail–from the personalities of the various people involved in the trial to the fixtures in the court room–and even some Cooperstown landmarks.

While most of us will never attend a jury trial ourselves, reading “A Trial in Cooperstown” is definitely the next best thing.  It’s important for all of us to become better acquainted with this important American institution—the jury trial.

Finding the gem hidden in plain sight, that is Tom Morgan’s gift, and Trial in Cooperstown puts it on full display. Out of what ostensibly is the mundane churn of the court system, Morgan brings alive the drama and majesty of American justice – why it is at once the bedrock of ordered liberty and the envy of the world.

Andrew C. McCarthy, Fox news legal analyst, Former Federal Prosecutor of the Blind Sheikh convicted of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and also a New York Times Bestselling Author, most recently of Ball of Collusion.


A cold spring sets the stage in Upstate New York for “Trial in Cooperstown,” the 2006
manslaughter trial of Timothy Beckingham accused of beating his wife JoAnne to death. Tom Morgan, a perspective but not selected juror has had his interest piqued. His writers curiosity leads him to explore this local tragedy and we are fortunate that he brings us along with him.

As our narrator, he relates his observations as well as conversations with attorneys, families and witnesses. He leads us skillfully through a maze of contradictory facts and varying opinions. Mr. Morgan’s journalistic prowess is displayed in examining the details in this engrossing and captivating non-fiction story.

We are privy to the evidence as well as the thoughts and opinions of the participants and eagerly tum every page, anxious to see the next reveal. Contradictory accounts of the events are presented to us and we, along with the jury, are drawn into the final deliberation. We are not privy to the jury deliberations but having heard all of the evidence, would our verdict be the same?

A thoroughly enjoyable read with compelling insights into the criminal judicial system. We are both entertained and enlightened as the marvels of our exceptional jury system unfold.

Virginia E. Yancey, Justice of the Supreme Court (ret.), State of New York

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